Samsung returns to top of smartphone market: industry tracker

Tokyo, 16 April, /AJMEDIA/ Samsung regained its position as the top smartphone seller, wresting back the lead from Apple as Chinese rivals close the gap on both market leaders, industry… Read more

Japan seeks to reclaim tech edge with overseas help

Tokyo, 15 April, /AJMEDIA/ Massive overseas and domestic investments offer Japan a chance to reclaim its tech crown, but to become a convincing alternative to China the country must embrace… Read more

Google yanks California news sites over proposed law

Tokyo, 14 April, /AJMEDIA/ Google said it is testing removing links to California news sites for some users in the western US state as legislators mull making the online search… Read more

NTT’s new generative AI platform able to parse diagrams, charts

Tokyo, 13 April, /AJMEDIA/ Japan telecom giant Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp says its newly launched generative artificial intelligence platform can also parse documents containing charts and diagrams. Tsuzumi, named… Read more

Bitcoin miners face survival test in ‘halving’

Tokyo, 12 April, /AJMEDIA/ Miners of bitcoin will soon face a halving of the reward for operating the most popular cryptocurrency, in a pivotal event that is a test of… Read more

Meta turns to AI to protect minors from ‘sextortion’ on Instagram

Tokyo, 12 April, /AJMEDIA/ Meta said on Thursday it was developing new tools to protect teenage users from “sextortion” scams on its Instagram platform, which has been accused by U.S.… Read more

Top games including ‘World of Warcraft’ to return to China

Tokyo, 11 April, /AJMEDIA/ Popular video games including “World of Warcraft” will return to China this summer, U.S. developer Blizzard and local partner NetEase said Wednesday, over a year after… Read more

Japanese team create biodegradable plastic fit for industrial use

Tokyo, 11 April, /AJMEDIA/ A team of Japanese researchers said Wednesday it has developed a new bioplastic that is not only durable but degrades rapidly in seawater and can be… Read more

Why batteries come in so many sizes and shapes

Tokyo, 11 April, /AJMEDIA/ If you’ve looked in your utility drawer lately, you may have noticed the various shapes, sizes and types of batteries that power your electronic devices. First,… Read more

AI vs humans: Influencers face competition from virtual models

Tokyo, 09 April, /AJMEDIA/ Social media influencers have embraced artificial intelligence to spice up their content but they are also facing growing competition from AI-generated Instagramers, TikTokers and YouTubers. Sporting… Read more