JR West now has giant robots performing maintenance work via VR-goggled operators

Tokyo, 24 July, /AJMEDIA/ As the largest rail operator in west Japan, keeping its tracks in good working order is of critical importance to West Japan Railway Company. So this… Read more

EU tells Meta to address consumer fears over ‘pay for privacy’

Tokyo, 23 July, /AJMEDIA/ EU consumer authorities told Facebook owner Meta on Monday to take action to assuage European consumer groups’ fears over its new “pay or consent” model or… Read more

Finally, Nintendo Japan expands Switch 8-bit controller sales to everybody, online member or no

Tokyo, 22 July, /AJMEDIA/ More than any other video game company, you’d expect Nintendo to fully embrace its heritage, especially from the 8-bit era. The defining examples of so many… Read more

CrowdStrike failure highlights fragility of globally connected technology

Tokyo, 21 July, /AJMEDIA/ Airlines, banks, hospitals and other risk-averse organizations around the world chose cybersecurity company CrowdStrike to protect their computer systems from hackers and data breaches. But all… Read more

Japanese scientists make robot face ‘smile’ with living skin

Tokyo, 20 July, /AJMEDIA/ Japanese scientists have devised a way to attach living skin tissue to robotic faces and make them “smile,” in a breakthrough that holds out promise of… Read more

Taiwan’s TSMC second-quarter net profit jumps on Gen AI demand

Tokyo, 19 July, /AJMEDIA/ Taiwan chip giant TSMC said Thursday net profit jumped by more than a third in the second quarter of 2024, buoyed by global demand for generative… Read more

Japanese media say AI search infringes copyright, urge legal reform

Tokyo, 18 July, /AJMEDIA/ Artificial intelligence-powered search engines provided by U.S. tech giants like Google LLC and Microsoft Corp likely infringe on copyright, an association run by Japanese mass media… Read more

Hong Kong testing its own ChatGPT-style tool as OpenAI planned extra steps to block access

Tokyo, 17 July, /AJMEDIA/ Hong Kong’s government is testing the city’s own ChatGPT -style tool for its employees, with plans to eventually make it available to the public, its innovation… Read more

AI makes writing easier, but stories sound alike

Tokyo, 16 July, /AJMEDIA/ Books and movies of the future could all start to feel the same if creative industries embrace artificial intelligence to help write stories, a new study… Read more

What’s worse than thieves hacking into your bank account? When they steal your phone number, too

Tokyo, 15 July, /AJMEDIA/ One Monday morning in May, I woke up and grabbed my cell phone to read the news and scroll through memes. But it was out of… Read more