Holocaust survivors use AI imagery to keep stories alive

Tokyo, 29 January, /AJMEDIA/ Ehudith Bracha Serchook narrowly escaped death when her family fled Nazi-allied forces storming the Crimean city of Odesa in 1941, saved only by a lost sandal… Read more

Metadream launches Bondee, a next-gen social app

Tokyo, 28 January, /AJMEDIA/ Metadream, a Singapore-based tech startup, recently launched Bondee, a next-gen social app, in Asia. Many have downloaded the app, drawn by its diverse and trendy avatars… Read more

The pros and cons of software running your car

Tokyo, 27 January, /AJMEDIA/ Software was a big theme for automakers attending CES 2023 in January. BMW, Stellantis, Volkswagen and a joint venture between Honda and Sony showed off upcoming… Read more

Microsoft scrambles to fix global outage

Tokyo, 26 January, /AJMEDIA/ U.S. tech giant Microsoft said on Wednesday it was working to fix a networking problem that had left users across the world struggling to access tools… Read more

Fukui town set to OK Japan’s 1st ‘level-4’ autonomous vehicles

Tokyo, 25 January, /AJMEDIA/ The central Japan town of Eiheiji, known for its ancient Zen Buddhist temple in Fukui Prefecture, is set to be the first place in the country… Read more

‘Pokemon Go’ creator returns to ‘real world’ recipe for NBA game

Tokyo, 24 January, /AJMEDIA/ Seven years ago the mobile game “Pokemon Go” took the world by storm, and now its creators are aiming to infuse the same “real-world” appeal into… Read more

AI tools can create new images, but who is the real artist?

Tokyo, 23 January, /AJMEDIA/ Countless artists have taken inspiration from “The Starry Night” since Vincent Van Gogh painted the swirling scene in 1889. Now artificial intelligence systems are doing the… Read more

Policy levers that can push decarbonization into overdrive

Tokyo, 22 January, /AJMEDIA/ Government measures to boost electric vehicle sales, the share of green ammonia in fertilizer, and public purchasing of plant proteins could help shift the decarbonization of… Read more

Google axes 12,000 jobs as layoffs spread across tech sector

Tokyo, 21 January, /AJMEDIA/ Google is laying off 12,000 workers, or about 6% of its workforce, becoming the latest tech company to trim staff as the economic boom that the… Read more

Asahi Kasei collaborates on development of recycling technology for inexpensive, high-quality carbon fiber

Tokyo, 20 January, /AJMEDIA/ Asahi Kasei, a diversified Japanese multinational company, has developed a new technology for recycling carbon fiber plastic compounds together with the National Institute of Technology, Kitakyushu… Read more