Audi builds first charging hub outside of Europe in Tokyo in EV push

Tokyo, 6 May, /AJMEDIA/ Audi AG has set up its first electric vehicle charging hub outside of Europe in central Tokyo to spur use of all-electric cars in a country… Read more

Kishida says he has no plan to dissolve Diet after defeat in by-elections

Tokyo, 6 May, /AJMEDIA/ Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said Saturday that he has no plan to dissolve parliament, a week after his Liberal Democratic Party lost three seats in… Read more

Orange juice crisis ’24 – Japan’s OJ supplies drying up

Tokyo, 6 May, /AJMEDIA/ Despite Japan’s well-deserved reputation a wonderland of delicious pleasures for the palate, the country isn’t immune to food/beverage crises. We’re only two years out from the… Read more

Japanese companies urged to OK seated cashiers to spur job motivation

Tokyo, 6 May, /AJMEDIA/ While cashiers standing at their registers may be the norm in Japan, a campaign launched by a staffing agency is encouraging Japanese companies to reconsider the… Read more

Heatwave swells Asia’s appetite for air-conditioning

Tokyo, 6 May, /AJMEDIA/ A record-breaking heatwave is broiling parts of Asia, helping drive surging demand for cooling options, including air-conditioning. AC exhaust units are a common feature of urban… Read more

Japan left to rethink COVID grants as telework facilities empty out

Tokyo, 6 May, /AJMEDIA/ Japanese municipalities are increasingly being left to rethink the use of coronavirus-era government subsidies as remote work facilities built with the funding are falling into disuse,… Read more

Trains restart at Kyoto Station after report of suspicious items

Tokyo, 6 May, /AJMEDIA/ Train services in parts of western Japan restarted at around 6 p.m. Sunday after being disrupted earlier in the day due to a report of suspicious… Read more

Nature and human nature mingle in beguiling Japanese film ‘Evil Does Not Exist’

Tokyo, 6 May, /AJMEDIA/ The films of Ryusuke Hamaguchi unspool with elegant everyday ease and yet anything can happen. Lives take sudden detours. Seemingly minor characters become primary ones. People… Read more

McLaren’s Norris wins Miami Grand Prix

Tokyo, 6 May, /AJMEDIA/ McLaren’s Lando Norris won the first Formula One race of his career with a shock victory over world champion Max Verstappen in the Miami Grand Prix… Read more

Lawsuit against Meta asks if Facebook users have right to control their feeds using external tools

Tokyo, 6 May, /AJMEDIA/ Do social media users have the right to control what they see — or don’t see — on their feeds? A lawsuit filed against Facebook parent… Read more