Dear friends,

We welcome each of you on behalf of the site “ajmedia.jp” that will operate in Tokyo, Japan. Everyone who visits our site will probably think about the reason and goals of the site. After the restoration of our country’s independence in the early 1990s, close friendly relations were formed between Azerbaijan and Japan, and today these relations cover almost all fields between two countries. In addition to being one of the first countries to recognize the state independence of Azerbaijan, Japan has established close friendly relations with our country in a short period of time. In addition, Japan is continuously supporting its strengthening and closely participating in global projects in the region. Today, in addition to numerous high-level visits between Azerbaijan and Japan, there are inter-parliamentary friendship groups and intergovernmental economic commissions. The high level of international cooperation between two countries has a significant impact on the development of relations in other fields. This relation also creates conditions for our peoples with ancient history and rich culture to get closer and get to know each other better.

In this context, the exchange of information is especially important in our country for the dissemination of more information about Japan, as well as Azerbaijan in Japan, supporting the development of mutual cooperation in various fields, study of each other’s historical and cultural roots, and further development of friendly relations. We believe the creation of a news site will play the role of a new bridge between our peoples and also serves this purpose.

At the same time, the creation of the site serves to provide comprehensive support for the formation and development of cooperation between Azerbaijanis living in Japan and neighboring countries, as well as other Turkic-speaking peoples, to promote ancient Turkic culture and modern art. We believe that our website, which will act not only as a propagandist, but also as an organizer, will also contribute to strengthening the national unity and solidarity of our compatriots living in Japan and neighboring countries. One of the tasks ahead is to support our compatriots known for their socio-political activity, to provide full support to their future development and strengthening their position in the society. One of the goals of the site is to provide information support to the projects put forward to promote our people, and to work purposefully to ensure that these projects reach more people. Among the missions to be performed by the site are promoting the history, culture, cuisine and modern developments of Azerbaijan to inform the representatives of the English-speaking peoples living in this region in more details that it takes a special place. One of the assignments we will carry out in the future is to work for the wider promotion and encouragement of our country through the site, to organize the exchange of information between representatives of other Turkic-speaking peoples living in Japan, to strengthen mutual cooperation.

Dear friends, we believe that with your support we will be able to cope with these tasks with dignity and successfully achieve our goals. We hope that each of you will contribute to the development of our site by becoming an active reader.