3D genome extracted from ‘freeze-dried’ woolly mammoth

Tokyo, 13 July, /AJMEDIA/ About 52,000 years ago, the skinned hide of a Siberian woolly mammoth was exposed to conditions so frigid that it spontaneously freeze-dried, locking its DNA fragments… Read more

National Museum of Azerbaijan History, Embassy of Poland ink Memorandum of Cooperation

Tokyo, 11 July, /AJMEDIA/ The National Museum of History of Azerbaijan and the Embassy of Poland have signed a Memorandum of Cooperation. The document was inked by Deputy Director for… Read more

Europe’s new Ariane 6 rocket blasts off for first time

Tokyo, 10 July, /AJMEDIA/ Europe’s new Ariane 6 rocket blasted off for the first time smoothly on Tuesday, carrying with it the continent’s hopes of regaining independent access to space.… Read more

50 years ago, scientists were gearing up to hurl a probe at the sun

Tokyo, 9 July, /AJMEDIA/ Helios, a space probe scheduled to go closer to the sun than any other manmade object ever launched, has successfully survived a ground test that exposed… Read more

Delegation from Erbakır Science High School visits Baku Higher Oil School

Tokyo, 5 July, /AJMEDIA/ A delegation led by Seda Hilal Nişancı, the principal of Erbakır Science High School in Türkiye, has visited Baku Higher Oil School of SOCAR (BHOS). The… Read more

BHOS students receive scholarships from DAAD

Tokyo, 2 July, /AJMEDIA/ Aishan Gurbanova, Rafiq Rafigzade, Fuad Tagiyev and Murad Sharifov, students of Baku Higher Oil School of SOCAR (BHOS), have received scholarships from the German Academic Exchange… Read more

Another team of Baku Higher Oil School wins $100,000 investment

Tokyo, 1 July, /AJMEDIA/ Agroficient, a startup created by students of Baku Higher Oil School of SOCAR (BHOS), has won an investment of 100 thousand dollars. Emil Huseynli and Malik… Read more

Japan’s space agency delays launch of upgraded observation satellite on new H3 rocket due to weather

Tokyo, 29 June, /AJMEDIA/ Japan’s space agency said Friday its planned launch this weekend of a satellite on its new flagship H3 rocket will be postponed until Monday due to… Read more

ADA University hosts English-Language teachers’ conference

Tokyo, 28 June, /AJMEDIA/ Representatives of the U.S. Embassy, ADA University, and North Carolina State University inaugurated Friday a two-day workshop and conference for more than 400 Azerbaijani secondary school… Read more

A big boost for a climate solution: electricity made from the heat of the Earth

Tokyo, 27 June, /AJMEDIA/ One method of making electricity cleanly to address climate change has been quietly advancing and on Tuesday it hit a milestone. A California utility is backing… Read more