Azerbaijani-Turkish relations pose multidimensional – political analyst

Tokyo, 21 February, /AJMEDIA/

At the inauguration ceremony following the presidential election, President Ilham Aliyev called the goals highlighted for Azerbaijan and promoting the unity of the Turkic world one of the paths of Azerbaijan’s active foreign policy, political analyst Azer Garayev told AJMEDIA.

According to him, this is why the first formal visit of the head of state to Türkiye following the election is very significant. The scheduled extraordinary summit of the Organization of Turkic States in July in Shusha, the cultural capital of the Turkic world, demonstrates Azerbaijan and Türkiye’s commitment to the organization’s development.

Garayev stated that new dynamics have emerged in Azerbaijan’s relations with fraternal Turkic states over the previous two years. President Ilham Aliyev’s official visit to Türkiye on February 18 at the request of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan illustrates the two nations’ genuine commitment to practical affairs. Today, Azerbaijan and Türkiye are close on all political platforms and concerns. Azerbaijani-Turkish relations are thriving and diversified.

“Close relationships between countries can be seen in practically every domain, including economics, politics, military, education, and culture. The Azerbaijani army follows the Turkish model. This method has yielded good results throughout both the Second Karabakh War and localized anti-terrorist measures. Serious work is also done in the defense business. Joint projects are being executed,” Garayev said.

He noted that one of the relatively new spheres of cooperation is education.

“The establishment of the Turkish-Azerbaijani University not only strengthens educational relations but also demonstrates the two countries’ solidarity. The two countries see joint development in education as one of the most crucial areas. The construction of the Turkish-Azerbaijani University is a vital step in light of the current ideological attack on the world and efforts to involve our youth in the area of influence,” Garayev noted.

Referring to economic relations between the two countries, he emphasized that trade turnover has already reached $7.5 billion.

“This is a record figure. Azerbaijan and Türkiye are confidently moving towards their goals. Energy and transportation security are the main issues on the world agenda today,” Garayev stated.

The political analyst added that Azerbaijani-Turkish unity promotes peace both in the region and in the world and contributes to the solution of global problems.

“These relations should serve as an example for the whole world. I am confident that ties between the two brotherly countries will continue to develop in various spheres,” Garayev concluded.

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