Azerbaijan’s Khojaly experiences improvement in drinking water supply

Tokyo, 21 February, /AJMEDIA/

The State Water Resources Agency of Azerbaijan is improving drinking water supply to the town of Khojaly, AJMEDIA reports, referring to the Azerbaijani State Water Resources Agency.

According to the information, by the instruction of the President of the Azerbaijan Republic Ilham Aliyev, the implementation of the project on the creation of drinking and wastewater supply systems in the territories of Azerbaijan liberated from occupation continues intensively.

A new water source is being created to improve the water supply in Khojaly to ensure the fulfillment of tasks arising from the Great Return Program. Taking into account that as a result of the program implementation the number of residents in the city will increase and, accordingly, the demand for drinking water, it was decided to drill two new subartesian wells.

One of the wells has already been brought to a state of readiness for operation, and work on drilling the other well is ongoing. The new subartesian wells will make it possible to provide the city with drinking water continuously 24 hours a day in the future. Water from the source will flow into a 500 cubic meter reservoir and from there will be distributed throughout the city.

Work is also underway in Khojaly to extend existing drinking and wastewater lines.
There is a centralized water distribution network in Khojaly. The sewerage network is in a state of disrepair, covering a small part of the city. At present, the city and several villages and settlements in the district are served by the Khojaly Water Supply Administration.

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