Azerbaijan’s parliament passes report on municipal activity

Tokyo, 24 February, /AJMEDIA/

Today’s session of the Azerbaijani Parliament considered the report of the authority exercising administrative control over municipalities’ activities in 2023, AJMEDIA reports.

According to the information provided, the report was presented by Deputy Justice Minister Vilayat Zahirov.

He highlighted that for the first time last year, the number of municipal actions submitted for legal assessment to the administrative supervision authority exceeded 100,000, with 96,363 (96 percent) being certified as consistent with the legislation.

“During administrative oversight, over 3,800 acts that violated legislative requirements were submitted to municipalities for proposals; 2,405 of them were annulled, 1,098 were altered, and 37 unsecured proposals were sued in court. More than 14,000 ha of land plots (including 8,405 ha of arable land) were guaranteed to be returned to municipal ownership or property as a result of submitted proposals or judicial actions, an increase of 1,195 ha from 2022,” the report says.

Out of 4,487 appeals considered related to municipal activities, 455 were satisfied, including 189 out of 369 appeals of family members of martyr war participants.

Per Article 549 of the Administrative Offenses Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan, 63 officials of municipalities were brought to administrative responsibility in 2023. During the investigation carried out in the course of administrative control, the materials collected in connection with serious violations in 30 cases were sent to the relevant investigative bodies. Criminal proceedings have already been initiated in 15 of these cases.

”As a result of the measures taken in 2022 compared to 2020, with the increase of local budget revenues by 12.4 million manat ($7,2 million) (35 percent), including revenues from local taxes by 6 million manat ($3.5 million) (43 percent), the revenues of municipalities increased to 47.4 million manat ($27.8 million). The growth of local budget revenues in 2023 also continued. Repayment of 2.6 million manat ($1.5 million) of receivables from previous years on rent amounting to 2.6 million manat ($1.5 million) was ensured. Execution of administrative acts of municipalities by executive persons resulted in the payment of 1.4 million manat ($820,000) to the local budget. For the last 3 years, about 900,000 taxation objects have been included in the automated information system of municipalities. For prompt receipt of necessary information from the State Property Service for the complete and accurate construction of tax accounting in municipalities, the work on integration of the Automated Information System of Municipalities into the electronic database of the Service was completed in November last year. Appropriate legal education and methodological work with municipalities were carried out,” Zahirov said.

After discussion, the document was voted on and approved.

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