Founded with the intention of preserving Azerbaijan, the New Azerbaijan Party has grown to be a powerful political force on the global scene

Tokyo, 21 November, /AJMEDIA/

Owing to its enormous achievements, Azerbaijan— which has emerged as the leading country in the area—is starting a new phase of growth. Both the nation’s economic indices and the everyday lives of its residents are affected by the extensive socioeconomic reforms that have been implemented. In addition to establishing significant international energy and transportation corridors in those economic sectors, Azerbaijan’s effective energy and transportation policies also produced new forms of collaboration in the Eurasian region. The glorious victory in the Patriotic War has resulted in the total and final restoration of Azerbaijan’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. The outcome of the second Karabakh war gave the region new prospects for collaboration as well as new realities. Azerbaijan has managed to secure steady growth in both its political and economic domains, and as a result, our nation has gained significant international recognition and respect.
Following the footsteps of the great leader Heydar Aliyev, President Ilham Aliyev led the New Azerbaijan Party to political power along this continuous course of development. It has been 31 years since the New Azerbaijan Party was founded today. The historical necessity, the resolution of the events that were taking place at the time, and the natural outcome of the social and political circumstances that existed led to the formation of the New Azerbaijan Party,

which has experienced significant growth in the last 31 years. In the South Caucasus nowadays, YAP has surpassed all other political parties in Azerbaijan’s size.
Says President Ilham Aliyev, “We are strong together!” The catchphrase is now the primary foundation of state policy, and it shows up in political interactions. Every party member is obliged to follow the programmatic statements, tasks, and recommendations made by Party Chairman President Ilham Aliyev at YAP congresses and conferences. The work of YAP, which was established in response to these appeals and suggestions, supports its rescue efforts both domestically and internationally. At the 7th congress of YAP, which was convened on March 5, 2021, new objectives and tasks were defined for the party based on this aim.
Simultaneously, the remarkable triumph of Azerbaijan in Karabakh established new circumstances in the region and reinforced our nation’s position as the front-runner. Leading nations and international organisations are becoming interested in Azerbaijan as a result of our nation’s leadership on pressing global issues and growing number of foreign partners as it continues to fortify its economic and political independence.
These circumstances, of course, are positive to YAP’s growth of its international connections as an extension of Azerbaijan’s foreign policy. The YAP, the main political force in Azerbaijan, took significant steps to adapt to the new internal and external circumstances and keep up with the times with the adoption of the structural changes at the party’s 7th congress, as well as the new Charter and programme at the meeting of the YAP Board of Directors on December 29, 2021.
Furthermore, on December 3, 2021, the ruling “Servant of the People” Party of Ukraine and the New Azerbaijan Party signed a memorandum of collaboration. At the video conference between the two parties on October 29, fresh avenues for collaboration were explored. YAP had taken part in the worldwide events hosted by the Chinese Communist Party last year.
Additionally, the YAP delegation took part in an event honouring Kazakhstan’s 30th anniversary of independence from November 29 to December 1, 2021. The ruling parties in Russia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Japan, Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia are all in contact with YAP at the same time.
YAP regularly promotes the realities of Azerbaijan, the massive projects carried out in the direction of Karabakh’s

revival, comprehensive, sustainable development, multiculturalism, increasing the socio-political activity of young people and women, the COVID-19 pandemic and its social consequences, and our nation’s successful battle with the economic fallout, environmental protection, the switch to green energy, and other current issues, both in bilateral crises and in international events in which it participates.
With confidence, we declare that the New Azerbaijan Party has followed an excellent path over the past 31 years, maintaining its unity, growing stronger, and gaining significant recognition both domestically and internationally for its supremacy and outstanding triumphs. The results of YAP’s electoral victories demonstrate the party’s strong social position, popular support for statehood-enhancing policies, and the public’s high level of faith in this institution. The success of YAP in every election in which it ran is just another indication of how much the people of Azerbaijan value their country and how confident they are in President Ilham Aliyev’s effective international and domestic policies. Additionally, this shows that the head of state is the President of all citizens, that Azerbaijan is developing comprehensively, and that power and people are united via the fulfilment of every promise made through real, tangible effort.

Agayev Vugar

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