Head of Georgian Parliament delegation sends letter to PACE President regarding Azerbaijan

Tokyo, 21 February, /AJMEDIA/

Givi Mikanadze, the head of the Georgian Parliament’s delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), wrote a letter to PACE Chairman Theodoros Roussopoulos regarding the decision to refuse to ratify the powers of the Azerbaijani Parliament delegation adopted at the PACE session, AJMEDIA reports, referring to the Department of Public Relations and Press Service of the Azerbaijani Parliament.

The letter expresses concern over the fact that such decisions are taken without thorough discussion of possible negative consequences for the future relations of PACE with Azerbaijan and the South Caucasus as a whole, as well as for the future of PACE itself.

According to the head of the Georgian delegation to this structure, such a resolution makes it impossible to cooperate and exchange views with Azerbaijan in the future within the framework of PACE. This circumstance will hurt the interaction between PACE and the South Caucasus region.

This decision also damages the reputation of the Council of Europe as an important platform for dialogue and cooperation. In addition to contradicting the values and commitments of the Council of Europe, this resolution may also lead to further polarization and undermine the particularly valuable and trust-based cooperation between the PACE member states.

Considering the above-mentioned, Givi Mikanadze urges to reconsider the resolution on the refusal to ratify the credentials of the delegation of the Republic of Azerbaijan to avoid the harmful consequences of this decision.

The letter concludes by expressing confidence that the repeal of this resolution will serve the interests of the Council of Europe.

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