Japan enacts law to restrict onshore wind farm construction

Tokyo, 21 May, /AJMEDIA/

Japan’s parliament has enacted legislation to restrict the construction of onshore wind farms to prevent potential interference with the Self-Defense Forces’ radar systems.

The new law obligates businesses to notify the government if they plan to build a wind farm in areas designated by the defense minister. In cases where a proposed wind farm is judged to severely disrupt radar systems, the government can prohibit its construction for two years, pending the outcome of discussions.

The move comes as Japan aims to enhance capabilities to cope with security concerns amid frequent launches of ballistic missiles by North Korea and intensified activities by Chinese aircraft around Japan.

According to the Defense Ministry, wind power generation facilities raise concerns about interference with radar monitoring of the sea as well as wireless communication between satellites and ground stations.

The government is expected to later designate sites nationwide that cover the surroundings of 28 radar systems, which may also include the vicinity of U.S. military facilities.

The bill, which passed the House of Representatives last month, cleared the House of Councillors with the backing of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party and its junior coalition partner, the Komeito party, as well as other parties.


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