Kishida considers visiting Germany in July for talks with Scholz

Tokyo, 18 June, /AJMEDIA/

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida is considering visiting Germany in July for talks with Chancellor Olaf Scholz on economic security and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a government source said Tuesday.

The two most recently met last week at the G7 summit in Italy.

Kishida would visit Germany after participating in a North Atlantic Treaty Organization summit in Washington, as security and economic conditions in Europe and Asia are becoming increasingly unstable, the source added.

Japan and Germany agreed on a wide range of cooperation in areas including the economy and security at their first high-level intergovernmental talks when Scholz visited Tokyo in March 2023.

During the meeting, it is expected that Kishida and Scholz would confirm the significance of bilateral relations amid growing concern over Chinese overproduction in sectors such as electric vehicles and solar panels.

Japan and Germany, meanwhile, have been working together to reform the United Nations, bidding to become permanent members of its Security Council.

In 2023, Japan lost its status as the world’s No. 3 economy to Germany, more than a decade after China replaced it in second place.


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