More ex-IDP families get keys to their houses in Azerbaijan’s Lachin

Tokyo, 29 February, /AJMEDIA/

More former IDP families (totally 24) who arrived in Azerbaijan’s Lachin city and Zabukh village have been given the keys to their houses, AJMEDIA reports.

The keys handing ceremony involved employees from the Special Representative Office of the President of Azerbaijan in the Lachin district, part of the East Zangezur Economic Region, Azerbaijan’s State Committee for Refugees and IDPs, Rehabilitation, Construction and Management Service No. 2 in the East Zangezur Economic Region, Lachin Improvement Service OJSC, and other persons.

At this stage, another 20 families (78 people) returned to Lachin, and another four families (11 people) – to the village of Zabukh.

Thus, until today, a permanent settlement in the city of Lachin has been provided for 451 families – 1,705 people, and for 211 families – 808 people in Zabukh.

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