My most cherished dream comes true – head coach of Azerbaijan national team

Tokyo, 27 March, /AJMEDIA/

It was my most cherished dream, head coach of Azerbaijan’s national trampoline team Vladimir Shulikin told AJMEDIA.

He commented on the winning of the Olympic license by a member of the Azerbaijani national team, Seljan Mahmudova.

“It is a great pride that our athlete, a pupil of the Azerbaijani School of Gymnastics, has won a license. Seljan Mahsudova and I have come a long way. Trampoline gymnastics in Azerbaijan has been developing for 10 years, and, happily, during this period we have achieved such a good result. I express my deep gratitude to the Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation for their support and attention and for creating conditions for the preparation of sportsmen. Without this support, we would not have this license. Everyone in the world says that developing this kind of gymnastics and winning the license in ten years is great work and a significant deed. Everyone congratulates us,” Shulikin noted.

According to him, now we should not relax but should focus all our energies on preparation for the Olympic Games.

“I have not yet fully realized that we have won the Olympic license. Now that everything is just beginning, we should not relax; we have the European Championships ahead of us. Of course, all our thoughts are on the preparation of Seljan Mahsudova for the Olympic Games, so that she would be at the peak of sports form,” he added.

To note, a member of the Azerbaijani trampoline team, gymnast Seljan Mahsudova, has won a license to the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris. This is the first license won in trampolining in the history of Azerbaijani gymnastics.

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