Azerbaijan, Latvia discuss export of non-oil products

Tokyo, 24 February, /AJMEDIA/ Azerbaijan’s Deputy Minister of Economy Sahib Mammadov has met with Latvian Deputy Minister of Agriculture Normunds Šmits. During the meeting, the sides hailed the role of… Read more

James Webb Space Telescope spots neutron star hiding in supernova wreckage

Tokyo, 24 February, /AJMEDIA/ Using the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), astronomers have ended a nearly decade-long game of celestial hide-and-seek after they discovered a neutron star in the wreckage… Read more

Watch melted during atomic blast over Hiroshima sells for more than $31,000

Tokyo, 24 February, /AJMEDIA/ A watch melted during the Aug 6, 1945, bombing of Hiroshima, Japan, has sold for more than $31,000 at auction. The watch is frozen in time… Read more

Private U.S. spacecraft is on its side on the moon with some antennas covered up

Tokyo, 24 February, /AJMEDIA/ A private U.S. lunar lander tipped over at touchdown and ended up on its side near the moon’s south pole, hampering communications, company officials said Friday.… Read more

Padres pitcher Darvish aims to be ready for Seoul games

Tokyo, 24 February, /AJMEDIA/ Japanese star pitcher Yu Darvish, battling back from an injury that cut short his 2023 Major League Baseball campaign, plans to be ready for San Diego’s… Read more

Reddit strikes $60 mil deal allowing Google to train AI models on its posts, unveils IPO plans

Tokyo, 24 February, /AJMEDIA/ Reddit has struck a deal with Google that allows the search giant to use posts from the online discussion site for training its artificial intelligence models… Read more

TSMC diversifies out of Taiwan with new Japan plant

Tokyo, 24 February, /AJMEDIA/ Taiwanese chip giant TSMC is set to open an $8.6 billion plant in Japan on Saturday as the firm moves some of its crucial hardware manufacturing… Read more

Concert program celebrating Azerbaijan`s National Day arranged at Doha Expo 2023

Tokyo, 24 February, /AJMEDIA/ A concert program marking Azerbaijan`s National Day has been organized as part of the International Horticultural Expo 2023 Doha in Qatar. Co-organized by the Heydar Aliyev… Read more

Book exhibition “Ancient roots of Azerbaijan culture” launched at Qatar National Library

Tokyo, 24 February, /AJMEDIA/ As a part of the Cultural Days of Azerbaijan in Qatar, a book exhibition entitled “Ancient roots of Azerbaijan culture,” as well as presentations of the… Read more

Azerbaijan’s tourism potential promoted at SATTE 2024 in India

Tokyo, 24 February, /AJMEDIA/ Co-organized by Azerbaijan’s State Tourism Agency and Tourism Board, the country is showcasing its tourism opportunities at the SATTE 2024, South Asia’s leading B2B travel and… Read more