Azerbaijani Air Force goes into tactical-special drills

Tokyo, 18 April, /AJMEDIA/

The Azerbaijani Combined Arms Army’s Air Force held a tactical-special exercise, AJMEDIA reports, citing the Defense Ministry of Azerbaijan.

During the exercise, formations and units of army aviation and air defense were brought into the first readiness condition by the “CONDITION-1” command given by the command staff in the control point.

At the same time, the reserve air defense units were withdrawn to the destination areas in accordance with the combat mission to fulfill assigned tasks.

A pre-flight briefing was held with the crews of aircraft on the second readiness condition, and combat tasks were assigned to the personnel.

Various maneuvers were performed to suppress multi-level and multi-dimensional air defense systems.

Continuous reconnaissance of the airspace was carried out by the surveillance and target acquisition radars that are on combat duty of the air defense units involved in the exercise.

The data obtained was analyzed, evaluated, processed, and transmitted to command control points as well as to interacting units.

Weather conditions were assessed based on data received from radar units, Bayraktar TB2, and visual observation posts. The tasks set at the tactical-special exercise were successfully accomplished, added the ministry.

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