Economic impact of 2025 Expo raised to ¥2.9 trillion

Tokyo, 01 April, /AJMEDIA/ The Japanese government estimates the economic impact of the 2025 World Expo to reach about 2.9 trillion yen, up 400 billion yen from the previous projection,… Read more

Yen’s fall to 34-year low unlikely to prod BOJ to tighten policy soon

Tokyo, 01 April, /AJMEDIA/ The recent yen’s fall to a 34-year low against the U.S. dollar is unlikely to prompt the Bank of Japan to tighten its policy again anytime… Read more

In a cycle of extreme weather, drought in southern Africa leaves some 20 million facing hunger

Tokyo, 01 April, /AJMEDIA/ Delicately and with intense concentration, Zanyiwe Ncube poured her small share of precious golden cooking oil into a plastic bottle at a food aid distribution site… Read more

OpenAI unveils voice-cloning tool

Tokyo, 01 April, /AJMEDIA/ OpenAI has revealed a voice-cloning tool it plans to keep tightly controlled until safeguards are in place to thwart audio fakes meant to dupe listeners. A… Read more

Iranian journalist stabbed outside his home in UK

Tokyo, 01 April, /AJMEDIA/ Iranian host, Pouria Zeraati, was stabbed Friday outside his home in London, Anadolu Agency reports citing Metropolitan Police. Zeraati, who lives in Wimbledon in the south… Read more

President Erdogan casts ballot in Türkiye’s local elections, encourages people to come out and vote

Tokyo, 01 April, /AJMEDIA/ Doing his duty as a voting citizen in Türkiye’s local elections on Sunday, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan cast his ballot in the metropolis of Istanbul, according… Read more

Polling stations close nationwide as Turkish local elections wrap up

Tokyo, 01 April, /AJMEDIA/ Polling stations across Türkiye closed on Sunday as voting in the country’s local elections ended at 5 p.m., Anadolu Agency reports. Candidates from a total of… Read more

Azerbaijani gymnasts win gold medal at Grand Prix in France

Tokyo, 01 April, /AJMEDIA/ The Azerbaijan rhythmic gymnastics team in group exercises have grabbed a gold medal at the 35th Rhythmic Gymnastics International Grand Prix in Thiais, France. The team… Read more

Azerbaijani gymnast advances to World Cup final in Türkiye

Tokyo, 01 April, /AJMEDIA/ Azerbaijan’s artistic gymnast Rasul Ahmadzada has progressed into the final of the FIG World Challenge Cup 2024 in Antalya, Türkiye. He reached the final in the… Read more