Tech companies want to build artificial general intelligence, but who decides when AGI is attained?

Tokyo, 08 April, /AJMEDIA/ There’s a race underway to build artificial general intelligence, a futuristic vision of machines that are as broadly smart as humans or at least can do… Read more

Meta to start labeling AI-generated content in May

Tokyo, 08 April, /AJMEDIA/ Facebook and Instagram giant Meta will begin labeling AI-generated media beginning in May, as it tries to reassure users and governments over the risks of deepfakes.… Read more

About 44 million passengers used Turkish local airlines

Tokyo, 08 April, /AJMEDIA/ In total, about 44 million passengers traveled on Turkish airlines, of which more than 23 million were foreign flights in the first quarter of this year.… Read more

Azerbaijan reveals volume of gas oil imports from Turkmenistan

Tokyo, 08 April, /AJMEDIA/ Azerbaijan purchased over 2,800 tons of gas oil from Turkmenistan in January this year, AJMEDIAreports. According to data from Azerbaijan’s State Statistical Committee, the country’s gas… Read more

Goal of US-EU-Armenia meeting to draw region into geopolitical conflict – political analyst

Tokyo, 08 April, /AJMEDIA/ The meeting in Brussels in the US-EU-Armenia format is in no way aimed at promoting the peace process in the South Caucasus; its goal is to… Read more

Azerbaijani ombudsperson issues statement regarding further evidence of crimes committed by Armenia

Tokyo, 08 April, /AJMEDIA/ The recently identified remains of Basira Magerramova and Vagif Magerramov, who disappeared during the Khojaly genocide committed by the Armenian armed forces in February 1992, were… Read more

Bayer Leverkusen beat Union Berlin to go 16 points clear in Bundesliga

Tokyo, 08 April, /AJMEDIA/ Bayer Leverkusen on Saturday secured a narrow win over Union Berlin to clear 16 points over their closest competitors in the Bundesliga standings, according to Anadolu… Read more

Candidates 2024 R3: Nijat Abasov to play vs Hikaru Nakamura

Tokyo, 08 April, /AJMEDIA/ Azerbaijani chess player Nijat Abasov will take on American GM Hikaru Nakamura on Day 3 of the FIDE Candidates Tournament 2024, held in Toronto, Canada. Round… Read more

® Azercell prioritizes social responsibility alongside technological innovations

Tokyo, 08 April, /AJMEDIA/ As one of the largest taxpayers in the country, Azercell contributed 167 million AZN to the state budget in 2023, and over 27 years, it has… Read more

Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan discuss preparation for COP29

Tokyo, 08 April, /AJMEDIA/ Azerbaijan`s Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources Mukhtar Babayev has met with Kyrgyz ambassador Kayrat Osmonaliyev. During the meeting, the sides discussed the opportunities for future… Read more