Venice introduces entrance fee for touristic old city

Tokyo, 26 April, /AJMEDIA/ Venice launched on Thursday a pilot program to charge day-trippers a €5 (around $5.35) fee to enter the old city, Anadolu Agency reports citing the state… Read more

NASA’s Voyager 1 returns intelligible signal for 1st time in months

Tokyo, 26 April, /AJMEDIA/ The Voyager 1 space probe transmitted an understandable message to Earth for the first time in months after NASA engineers fixed a communication problem in the… Read more

Japan to tighten export controls for cutting-edge technologies

Tokyo, 26 April, /AJMEDIA/ The Japanese government will require advance notification from private firms seeking to export cutting-edge technologies such as quantum science, in an effort to prevent such technologies… Read more

SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024 to open on Saturday

Tokyo, 26 April, /AJMEDIA/ The Tokyo Metropolitan Government will open SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024 on Saturday, where visitors will be able to fully experience the city of the future. The… Read more

Number of residents back to their native lands in Azerbaijan’s Fuzuli

Tokyo, 26 April, /AJMEDIA/ On April 26, another group of former internally displaced persons, consisting of families temporarily settled in dormitories, sanatoriums, pioneer camps and administrative buildings in various territories… Read more

Azerbaijani referee to officiate Panathinaikos team match

Tokyo, 26 April, /AJMEDIA/ Azerbaijani referee Aliyar Agayev will referee a game in the Greek Super League, AJMEDIA reports via The FIFA referee has been appointed for the 34th-round… Read more

Azerbaijan identifies new national chess champion

Tokyo, 26 April, /AJMEDIA/ The winner of the Azerbaijani men’s chess championship held at the Central Scientific Library of ANAS has been determined, AJMEDIA reports via Aydin Suleymanli became… Read more

Armenian-made explosive substances detected in Azerbaijan’s Khojavand district

Tokyo, 26 April, /AJMEDIA/ Explosive substances have been detected in Azerbaijan’s Khojavand district, a source in the Interior Ministry told AJMEDIA. According to the source, within a building located near… Read more

Baku hosts roundtable event on “Intellectual property at present stage”

Tokyo, 26 April, /AJMEDIA/ A roundtable event themed “Intellectual property at the present stage” on the occasion of International Intellectual Property Day is being held in Baku, AJMEDIA reports. The… Read more

Mastercard sets goal to enhance digitalization of payments in Azerbaijan

Tokyo, 26 April, /AJMEDIA/ Mastercard has set a goal to enhance the digitalization of payments in Azerbaijan, General Manager of Mastercard for Türkiye and Azerbaijan Avsar Gurdal said during the… Read more